I love my Filofax, not sure what I’d do without it. I use it for everything, both personal and professional. Helps me keep track of appointments, birthdays, important to dos, project due dates, etc. The filofax shown in this post is a Personal size, which is definitely my size of choice, since it’s still very portable yet I have enough room to write in what I need for the week. (I use a larger binder for my daily planner, but that will be covered in another post.)

I’m kind of picky about my planner inserts though, I like them to start on Mondays, not have an overly busy design, and I like having some lines to write on. I also wanted a space for the overall week, and that Saturday and Sunday spaces be the same as the rest of the week.

So I ended up designing my own in InDesign, and after several different versions, I’ve settled into this current one. Yes, I know the first month of 2014 is almost over, but better late than never. It took me a while to figure out how exactly to configure the pages to have them be in the correct order after they’re printed on both sides. It was a hassle, but I got to get a planner format that I love and am happy to use every day.


I’ve decided to share this 2014 weekly planner as a free download for personal use only. Feel free to share the link with credit. I also made a second version of the weekly inserts, with no lines for those who don’t need them.

Weekly Planner with Lines (.pdf)
Weekly Planner without Lines (.pdf)

I can’t speak for all printers, but the best advice I would give would be to print all the odd numbered pages first, then print the even after flipping those pages. Also make sure to have your printer set to print at actual size (100%), with no scaling.

Happy planning! And I’m pretty sure I’ve triple checked everything for accuracy, but I could be wrong, please let me know of any errors and I’ll fix them as soon as possible.

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    1. Rosa Post author

      I printed these on letter paper (8.5″x11″) but you can print these on any size you want. Just make sure to have it print “Actual Size”.


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